Rapid Time #10: The “New” Best Game I Ever Played

This game should have been a 20 minute rapid game but ended up being more of a Blitz game, instead of the allotted 20 minutes it was over in about 6 and a half minutes. Many of the moves were straight forward after an early tactical opportunity where I was able to win a pawn and threaten the White Queen and a Knight fork simultaneously. It wasn’t an easy defense and White missed the most accurate move to stop a total collapse of the position. This is position is also a good example of clearing the c file with the c5 push and putting a Rook on the open file before White has time to react, this is common in both the Caro-Khann and Indian defenses I play. The opponent was a 1579 which is one of the highest rapid wins I have to date.

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Rapid 10.png

Tournament Game #2 and Appreciation for the Club

It was my second night at the Parma Chess Club since I had taken a break from any over the board play due to school and it feels good to be back there. I made it a point of the night to make some contact and connect with some of the others, usually it’s focused chess playing and not much else as I’ve tried to work on my play. I had 3 games tonight and walked out with 2/3 points which was nice, the first against a younger opponent who really knew how to use light squared weaknesses, the second was a older lady who likes to play reckless with a King’s Gambit style (she knows how to use it) and the last was an older man who played pretty quickly considering I like to play 5 minute blitz.

I saw some familiar faces there and a bunch of new ones who I’d like to meet and at some point in the night I realized that this place is exactly where I belong. It’s a pretty uncommon occurrence to find something or somewhere which you absolutely look forward to being a part of. The people I played tonight I will likely be paired with for a little while as my rating shifts upwards into the next bracket. Playing someone over the board multiple times definitely tells more about them then if you were just having a conversation, the post game analysis and the discussion of different ideas coming together is a great thing to be a part of. Over time I’ll showcase some of the games played by them and write a little about each person with a goal to capture just how unique and diverse the club is.

Now without further ado, here is a game from tonight. The position below is where the critical point starts to emerge and the f6 pawn becomes the target of a double attack and the Knight on c6 is pinned to the Rook. It started off as a Queens Gambit Marshall Defense, my most study and comfortable position. I was more aggressive in this game since the previous 2 of the night which I had to fight back for any control after playing solid but reactive moves. I traded Queens early which you usually don’t do when being aggressive but it pulled the King out and allowed for tempo and position to be gained while the King retreated. It ended with a piece sacrifice for mate that I though looked pleasing.

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Blitz Adventure #37: Throwing Punches

The opponent I played in this game was incredibly aggressive but reckless. As you can see in the from the position Black had some threats, Rxg2+, Qxd4+ and had every piece but the Rook on a8 ready to jump into the attack. The thing that cost Black the game was tunnel vision on the g pawn, they captured h3 prematurely without checking the possible responses to it. Had I not had the option of Qh5+ from mate in one, Black would be in a very good position. Staying more conservative and preparing a proper attack would have given me a much harder time, namely getting the Queen developed and centralized, castling long using the open f and g files for Rooks and the g1-a7 diagonal for the dark squared Bishop, instead Black was impatient and made a game ending blunder.

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Blitz 37.png