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Blitz Adventures #31: 1-0-0 Caro

I was surprised to see the post game analysis read 1-0-0 which means one inaccuracy, no mistakes and no blunders especially since it was a 7 minute blitz game. We played a version of the Caro which is very comfortable for Black and White gives any advantage up on the 2nd move. It’s an opening called the Hillbilly defense, 1. e4 c6 2. Bc4 d5 and players who only play a standard White opening where f7 is the target don’t know how to respond to 2…d5 hitting their precious Bishop which they rely on to threaten the Black King. A popular continuation is 3. Bb5+ which means White has moved that piece twice and I usually respond with the Bishop 3…Bd7 forcing White to take or move the Bishop for the 3rd time. If 4.Bxd7 Qxd7 and White’s only developed piece has been traded, the Black Queen gets off the 8th rank and Black has a pawn in the center. It’s a terrific position to be in and with proper play Black can win from here which is what happens in the game.

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Blitz Adventures #30: Killing Them Softly

I played a 10-0 game tonight that does a good job exemplifying my ideal play style, it’s complicated and slow with many moving parts. In the position below, every minor piece is active and attacking or defending, it’s like walking on egg shells. If either person slips the entire structure starts to collapse and me being more comfortable in these kinds of spots, I tend to do pretty well. My opponent was aggressive but it was misplaced and rushed which left pieces hanging and weaknesses unguarded.

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Tournament Game #1:Swashbuckling

This is my first win at my first over the board tournament, it was surprisingly more exciting than I thought it would be (the game that is). Usually I play closed, grindy, positional games but in this one I traded a Knight and Rook for the White Queen which left Whites pawn structure a mess and every piece tied to each other or to stopping a mating threat. The game was even until move 18 when I played the suspect Nb4 offering it to be taken by a pawn to only to reveal an attack on the White Queen with the Rook. Point value, I was only up a pawn’s worth but my pieces and especially my Queen were very active. There was the safer Nxd4 to be played and win a pawn, I talk about that in the analysis but this was much sharper and more fun especially on my first night there.

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