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Blitz Adventure #28:The Trap House!

My favorite opening is the Queen’s Gambit, it’s slow and controlled and the goal is to constrict your opponent and eventually take a small advantage and convert it into a win. There is a trap line that is uncommon but I was able to play it verbatim from the books this time! White seizes the opportunity to get the Queen attacking immediately which is unlike the typical QGA, Black has no way to prevent the loss of a piece once the last pawn capture is made.

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Blitz Adventures #25: IT’S A TRAP!

Lately playing tricky and trap filled Chess has added a ton of excitement to the game. Nothing feels better than setting up this long sequence of striking moves and your opponent falling for it because the wanted to grab an extra piece (a Knight in case). In the Queen Gambit there is a trap line where Black attempts to keep the pawn I’ve given up, it never works out very well. In general if you accept the Gambit in the Queens Gambit, it’s best to play in the center and let White capture the Pawn. Here is why!

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Blitz Adventures #21: 5-0 QGD

I attempted to play simple and solid chess, a standard QGD style game. We both developed and castled, however Black went on the offensive first with less strategy than was required. By removing his Queen from the Kings defense along with the dark square Bishop and Knight, there wasn’t much in the way of dealing with my counter attack. As you can see by the final position in the game below, the Queen, both Bishops a rook and the single Knight are all on the Queen side of the board rather than the King side.

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Blitz 21
Mate with the Queen and Bishop Battery