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Correspondence #3: The Dubious Ne4!?

This was an exchange Slav with Nf3 Nf6 Nc3 Ne4!? This is a suspect move this early, the typical idea is for Black to play e6 and Bb4 pinning the Knight and then play Ne4 looking to double attack the piece while pinned. Having been and exchange Slav Qc2 is a nice reply and the Queen already has an open file to sit on while defending the c3 Knight and attacking the e4 Knight. It’s possible this is a pet line of my opponents and might work in a blitz game to catch someone off guard but in a longer game where time isn’t such a factor it can be exploited. The game hit some fireworks on move 7 where Nxd5 is played where if the Queen captures the Queen is free to take the Bishop on c8 with check (that’s what happens).

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Blitz Adventure #37: Throwing Punches

The opponent I played in this game was incredibly aggressive but reckless. As you can see in the from the position Black had some threats, Rxg2+, Qxd4+ and had every piece but the Rook on a8 ready to jump into the attack. The thing that cost Black the game was tunnel vision on the g pawn, they captured h3 prematurely without checking the possible responses to it. Had I not had the option of Qh5+ from mate in one, Black would be in a very good position. Staying more conservative and preparing a proper attack would have given me a much harder time, namely getting the Queen developed and centralized, castling long using the open f and g files for Rooks and the g1-a7 diagonal for the dark squared Bishop, instead Black was impatient and made a game ending blunder.

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Blitz Adventure #34: The Marshall..?

The game this morning was a text book reason the Marshall can be dubious in the hands of someone who is inexperienced with certain lines. On turn 7 White is left with 3 central connected pawns and Black has no compensation to show for it, the Black Knight was too busy being chased around and then forced to exchange itself for White’s Knight and pawn recapture. There are way to mitigate the downside of the Marshall as long as you play with opening theory and follow the best lines but even then you net a worse position than something like the QGD, Slav or Semi-Slav. As usual I enjoy playing through this opening because it’s one of my most prepared if not most prepared and it quite common in the lower ratings. 2…Nf6 to defend the pawn makes sense from a rule of thumb point of view but if Black doesn’t understand further than that trouble is coming.

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