Super Blitz #5: Stepping into the 1700 Arena and Thoughts on Blitz

I’ve been trying to play people over my rating lately. The issue with online chess in a super blitz pool at your equal rating level is you don’t move very far very quickly. The rating points gained from a win of similar strength isn’t much and a loss from someone even slightly below you is more than a win of equal strength. In 3 minute there are times when you just end up in a bad spot or don’t have enough time to convert the position. If that happens 2 or 3 times in a row you’re likely to lose what it took you to gain over 4 games. I’m much higher than 1200 or 1300 which and lichess have me at but the problem is a bad streak crushes any progress you’ve made. Additionally the algorithm puts you against weaker opponents when you start to lose, if you’re on a tilt or just not feeling it you’ll be losing more per game and gaining less per win. This is memed and talked about all over on reddit and the chess sites themselves. It’s very hard to break out of the bracket when the average gain is so small unless you have no losses during the session. Given the beast the 3minute is, that’s unlikely.

With that aside, I played a few games seeking out 1650-2100 players tonight and gained about 70 points. My top 3 highest rated wins were tonight and it didn’t take much more work than what I put in when playing in the normal search so it makes me wonder how high I could really go and still be competitive. You’ve got to manually select the rating range and the times are slower but it’s much more enjoyable than going up and down all night.While I could have kept going a few of the games were played so well I wanted to write about and study them.

Super blitz is different than classical chess. With classical you have time to figure out what the best moves are and calculate much much deeper, in 3 minutes it’s instinctual. Being able to glance at a board and immediately have an idea of the quality of the position and what to do is what blitz is all about. That’s what I enjoy about it. Given enough time someone can sit down and think about what would happen if this or if that, anyone can do that and it’s less impressive to me. Now sit someone down and tell them they’ve got 3 minutes to play an entire game of chess and win is exhilarating. The game which I’ll show ended up with no blunders and no major mistakes, it’s amazing what the mind can do even given such little time to figure it all out.

White to move and gain an advantage

The position above is the critical moment in the game where Black miscalculates an attack on my Queen.

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Rapid Time #10: Destruction On the Way Up

I want to start this with an apology to those in the 20minute rapid pool on I generally don’t play longer controls online because of the possibility of cheating so my rating is very low compared to my usual modes. In efforts to equalize my rating across all time controls I’ve been jumping in the rapid game pool the last couple days. Playing against someone 4 or 500 points above your own level can be frustrating but insightful experience.

The two games I wanted to share today I played Black and both started in the Indian defense but transposed to different openings. The two critical position in each game are in the positions below. The analysis will have the full variation.

Black to move and win.

Game 1 Analysis

Black to move and gain an advantage

Game 2 Analysis

Super Blitz #4: Know Your Trap Lines!

This game is a perfect example why it pays off to know a few traps out of the opening. Even if it’s unlikely for it to occur when it does it will win you the game on the spot such as the one I’ll show today. It’s the classic trap in the QGA where Black defends the gambit with the b and c pawns.


Essentially what happens is White plays a4 attempting to break up the pawn formation via 1.axb5, however, Black looking to keep a solid formation and extra pawn will play c6 as in the position above. You get the line 1.axb6 cxb6 2.Qf3!


At this point the Queen is bearing down on the a8 Rook. There isn’t many option on how to defend. At the minimum Black must lose a minor piece but in the game which I will link they lost much more than that.

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